Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro - Tokyo, 171-8505, Japan
  • Fuji_3F

Ballroom Fuji

This warm and relaxing space has an open feel with a 6-meter high ceiling.
It's equipped with an all crystal chandelier, dramatic indirect lighting and the latest sound, lighting and video equipment.

With a 5.7-meter high ceiling and the latest sound, lighting and video equipment, the room is suited to various uses. It can also be divided into four smaller rooms (A, B, C and D).
Capacity: 200-800 people
Venue equipment
*Inquire for details on fees.
Sound equipment
Main speakers: 12
Ceiling speakers: 24
Main mixer (digital) max 64 mono + 4 stereo inputs
Venue mixer (analog) 12 mono 4 stereo inputs
Microphones: 39 locations
Intercoms: 7 locations
Video equipment
Motorized elevating LCD projectors: 2
Motorized screens: 2 (3 m x 4 m)
Lighting equipment
Main lighting control board max memory: 2,000 scenes; Preset faders: 60
Venue control panel max memory: 200 scenes; Preset faders: 20
Light control circuits: 20 AC 100 circuits
30 AC 30 circuits
Light battens: 15
Art battens: 15

Certificate of Excellence