Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro - Tokyo, 171-8505, Japan


  • ポラリス

The view from 100 meters above ground and at-home atmosphere are what set this venue apart.

  • Polaris


  • Sakura_4F

Charming yet stately mauve colors provide an accent in this gorgeous venue.

  • Sakura


  • cassiopeia_3F

The concept of this room is "modern & stylish sophistication."
The main colors in this venue are evening blue and platinum silver, creating a chic and subdued atmosphere.

  • Cassiopeia


  • Hikari_3F

This open space evokes the image of a French garden and is bathed in gentle, natural sunlight.

  • Hikari


  • Asahi_3F

This room can be used for various purposes: as a waiting room or for meetings, seminars, etc.
The brown-based design and bright lights ensure that even extended use is comfortable.

  • Asahi


  • akebono_2F

The warm colors and wood grain walls create a calm atmosphere. At the center of the relaxing space is an impressive chandelier.

  • Akebono


  • yuzuru_2F

The off-white and light wood grain walls in this room create a soft and elegant atmosphere. It's perfect for small meetings, banquets and parties.

  • Yuzuru
Certificate of Excellence